Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy expands the prospects of international cooperation. At the beginning of 2023, our university was invited to join the European university alliance E³UDRES².

On March 23, Maksym Shcherbakov, the specialist of the international relations office, took part in the online presentation of the capabilities of the E³UDRES² alliance, which presented the activities of the alliance in the field of international scientific cooperation, as well as development plans for 2023-2027.

E³UDRES² is an international alliance that includes 9 European universities led by Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Valmiera, Latvia). These institutions have combined their scientific and academic efforts for the development of their regions and the creation of innovations. The goal of the alliance is human-centered innovation, open and engaged knowledge exchange. And also — to co-create outstanding ideas and concepts for future universities, integrate challenge-based education and establish an exemplary multi-university campus across Europe.