An important integral part of the University activities is the scientific and research work performed with the aim of integrating the scientific, educational and production activities within the system of higher education.

This work is of utmost importance and is maintained by the University through the functioning of 8 scientific-research institutes and scientific-research centres, 7 scientific-research laboratories, 4 specialized academic councils for the defence of doctoral and candidate dissertations, 15 scientific schools, the scientific library and the centre for youth innovations that work on broadening the horizons of today and envisaging the future.

Traditionally, the University hosts the all-Ukrainian scientific conference for young scientists entitled «Topical Issues of Natural and Humanitarian Sciences Researched by Young Scientists» with up 650 participants representing the undergraduate and graduate students. The best students continue their education at the postgraduate courses at the University, other higher educational institutions, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as at the universities of Europe, the USA, Singapore.