"Institute of International Education" always rejoices at the success of its graduates and maintains ties with them, and foreign students, for their part, fondly remember their student years at ChNU.

Alnaas Alsaadi Abdalla Alsaadi, a graduate of the "Management" specialty of the "Institute of International Education", is studying at one of the best institutions of higher education in Libya (Africa) – the Gulf of Sidra University.

Recently, there was published an article in the university students’ newspaper "Mirror Al-Talib", which talks about Libyan customs and traditions that spread outside the country and were supported by foreign universities where Libyan students studied.

Alnaas Alsaadi shared his memories of studying at Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Cherkasy National University, and how he started the tradition of planting a tree during the graduation ceremony. Other students and the rector of Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy O. V. Cherevko took part in the event as well. In this way, students express their gratitude to the educational institution.

Currently, Alnaas Alsaadi Abdullah Alsaadi works in his hometown in the city of Ras Lanuf in a branch of the National Oil Corporation. Ras Lanuf is an import hub for the petrochemical industry and is home to one of North Africa's largest ports. In addition, Alnaas Alsaadi is continuing his studies, obtaining a master's degree in business administration at the Gulf of Sidra University on the basis of his bachelor's degree from our University.

Alsaadi noted: "It is very painful that there is a war in Ukraine. We, Libyans, know how difficult it is. That's why I wish peace for Ukraine, for Libya, and for the whole world."