“Mr. and Miss ChNU-2020” beauty contest was held at Bogdan Khmelnytsky Cherkasy National University.

Participants had a chance to show their appearance and physical form; they amazed the audience by their dancing and singing talents; demonstrated their creative skills and took part in intellectual competition.

The rector of the university Olexandr Cherevko congratulated the participants:

— Cherkasy National University has its traditions. The beauty contest is one of them. All participants are skillful, ambitious, talented and beautiful people I believe that this is the future of our youth. This competition helped them to realize their potential, to get rid of complexes and show themselves in a completely new role. I believe in all our students. I know that due to their creativity they will be able to overcome all challenges, so I wish everyone to fulfill their dreams!

According to the decision of the jury Anastasiia Shklyarenko, a student of the Institute of Natural and Agrarian Sciences, became Miss ChNU-2020. The title of Mr. ChNU-2020 was given to Gleb Shunko, a student of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Health.


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