The International Education Institute of the Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy is attended by students from from all over the world. Besides everyday routine, this division of the University pays attention to the educational activities of the international youth.

The interest towards historical and cultural places of the city and the region among the foreigners is quite notable. Therefore, on 4 October, a thematic tour to the Cherkasy Regional Local Lore Museum was arranged for year 1 international students. The event was a part of the program for adaptation of the foreign citizens to the studying and living in Ukraine through their acquaintance with the history, culture, traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people.

The visit to the museum that was led by O. Ye. Lytvynenko, Vice-Director of the International Education Institute, opened to the foreign students the long history of our region — from the establishment of the first settlements until today. During the tour the students learned much about the most crucial periods of the national history — Trypillia Culture, Kievan Rus, Cossackhood — and understood the essence of the many years of fighting for the independence.

 «The impressions from what was heard, supported by the ethnographic artefacts, photographs, various exhibits, once again proved to the foreign students that they study in the land of interesting history that gave birth to a series of prominent figures», says Nataliia Andrusiak, Director of the International Education Institute.

Abdoul Raimi (Cote d'Ivoire), year 1 student: «First of all, I appreciate the visit to the museum, because it helped me learn more about the things we study at the Ukrainian History classes. In particular, it is the participation of Ukraine in the Russian-French War, two World Wars, the personality of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the lifestyle of Ukrainians. I thank the University for support, particularly the International Education Institute».

Lutsandvo Vilane (Swaziland), year 1 student: «I learned that it is one of the largest museums in Cherkasy, which was established in 1918. It covers art, culture and illustrations of the Ukrainian history. It really is a historical treasure».



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