More than a century-long history of the Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy — from Teachers Seminary, and then from the Institute of People’s Education with only one faculty to the current European level classical university, an educational and scientific complex, the centre fro education, science, culture and spirituality of the land of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Taras Shevchenko — is a difficult, yet fruitful and glorious path of creating the educational establishment, the formation of the staff, and honouring the traditions.

The greater part of the University’s teaching staff consists of its alumni, which makes it possible to preserve and enhance the best methodological achievements, to maintain the continuity of educational traditions, to build up the rich intellectual legacy and use the knowledge accumulated through decades for the development of the whole region.

The University holds the leading position among the educational institutions of the region, increases its rating in the world of science, it generates cultural-educational and social-patriotic initiatives, helps the local citizens to reveal new horizons of thinking and intellectual existence. This is made possible by the joint efforts of the teaching staff and the students, the whole of the University community.

At the Cherkasy National University, 8 educational-scientific institutes and 2 faculties, 8 scientific-research institutes and scientific-research centres, 7 scientific-research laboratories and 15 scientific schools, a scientific library and the Centre for Youth Innovations work on expanding the horizons of today and shaping the future.

The powerful basis of the Cherkasy National University human resources is provided by 58 Doctors of Sciences, Professors and 311 Candidates of Sciences.

The essence and the goal of educational process is to provide state-of-the-art education, that gives the graduates the knowledge, skills and competences necessary to start a career in scientific and professional areas, to carry out research that would make a considerable contribution into the development of science and economy and foster the development of Cherkasy, Cherkasy region and the whole Ukraine.

Students of Cherkasy National University are pragmatic, easy-going, determined, proactive, patriotic and romantic. They easily embrace the principles of academic mobility, value their identity and student fellowship, they treat education as a means of personal growth and socialization, while putting the primary focus on the problems of Ukraine, they learn to think on a globally international scale. The University creates a common space for the students to express their creativity in studies and in science.

Now the University has 5 modern dormitories accommodating approximately two thousand students. Training hotel for 20 guests and the laboratory of catering were commissioned.

Students and teachers have at their disposal: 4 cafes, 2 canteens with 492 seats, medical help centre providing therapeutical and dentistry services, publishing department, 11 sports and work-out halls, 7 practice grounds, a stadium, agro-biostation, student and sports clubs, educational-scientific complex “Sokyrna”.

The University has established itself as a higher educational establishment of European standards. Considering the role and the place of Ukraine on the international arena, the University efficiently carries out a scientific and educational policy which is both western and eastern at the same time, striving to strengthen its positions at all possible directions. The University has expanded its scope of residency for the teachers, student exchange for internship abroad, obtaining information from abroad in the areas of planning, organization and implementation of educational process.

The pages of a century-old University history contain records of academicians and honoured instructors, heroes of war-time and peace-time deeds, artists and Olympic champions.

Our daily educational, research, and organizational activity justifies the truth honoured by time and experience: education received at the Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy ensures success.