Field of Study: 22 “Health”

Specialty: 222 “Medicine”

Skill level: Master’s degree (the second level)

Qualification awarded: Doctor of Medicine

Language of Instruction: Ukrainian or English

Profile of the program: The program provides high-quality training of doctors as specialists who receive education in specialty “Medicine” (full higher medical education). In accordance with the law, the physicians continually maintain or restore human health through the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and injuries. Thus, the objects of education and further observation is a person with his physiological characteristics, and health, and the fight against human diseases. The key objectives of education are obtaining the necessary knowledge to support health, to prevent diseases, to provide treatment of a separate individual and the whole population as well. The theoretical content of the subject area is defined as the study of diseases, syndromes and symptoms, emergency conditions, laboratory and instrumental studies, medical procedures. Students reach knowledge in mechanisms, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses.